Adaptive Growing® - Everyone is unique!

Welcome to Adaptive Growing® – the revolutionary learning concept that reignites your natural desire to learn. Our approach combines current job market trends with proven pedagogical and psychological models, along with our own expertise as trainers and learners. We not only focus on knowledge transfer but also on real-life application. Adaptive Growing® flexibly adjusts to your individual needs, emphasizing the joy of experimenting and learning from mistakes. Our dynamic formats bypass rigid presentation structures and create a motivating learning environment. The goal is to establish a direct connection between learning content and your personal life, fostering motivation and sustainable learning success.


Our toolset enables efficient work in the digital collaboration environment of MS 365. It integrates applications for document editing, virtual meetings, as well as email and calendar functions to optimize efficiency and collaboration. By leveraging the diverse features of MS 365, our comprehensive toolset allows for intuitive and effective work. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate digital collaboration into the everyday work routine


Our skillset imparts fundamental abilities in project-oriented work within the realms of Industry 4.0, project management, and agile methods. Through targeted training, we empower participants to navigate successfully in modern work environments. The skillset deepens understanding of Industry 4.0 requirements, imparts proven project management principles, and promotes the effective application of agile methods. The goal is to develop a comprehensive skills portfolio to meet the demands of dynamic project contexts.


Our mindset intentionally nurtures competencies for a successful positioning in the modern job market. We emphasize clear goal-setting, self-responsible work, and the development of persuasive presentation skills. Our program provides a holistic approach to cultivate the necessary competencies for a successful professional development in the new job market.


Learning means undergoing change. Changes become sustainable when experienced, when the learner discovers the right way of learning for them, and adopts a mindset that supports skill development. Coaching and our experts assist in finding the right path, "how to learn better," overcoming fears, and embracing individual strengths. Coaching is led by psychologists, educators, experts, and experienced mentors in the specific field. Group coaching within individual learning groups aids in addressing shared or individual challenges. The blend, continually reviewed by learning experts, ensures the efficient attainment of competencies.

Learning platform

Our central platform for efficient educational resource management is a Learning Management System (LMS). This software enables us to provide comprehensive learning materials, manage participants effectively, and assess learning progress. By integrating with the Microsoft platform, we offer learners the flexibility to navigate personalized learning paths across any device. Interactions through peer group learning, individual 1:1 coaching, and open Q&A sessions with experts promote successful skill acquisition. The platform is available for the long term, allowing for anytime review, reinforcement, or supplementation of content.

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