The digital transformation poses major challenges for companies, employees and learners. Everyone faces the need to build new competencies - the constant development of digital processes is ultimately driven by people.

We, the LUTZ & GRUB ACADEMY, empower adaptive and lifelong learning to act successfully individually and collectively.

Through innovative and context-adapted learning methods, organizations and learners achieve competencies to reach their professional goals.


Adaptive Growing - be competent!

Digitization with personal success?

Learning, adaptability and speed are the basis for success today. This cannot be achieved without an appropriate mindset, skillset and toolset. People who are capable of taking action actively support change, contribute to success, live their own initiative, take responsibility and manage themselves.


In times of digital transformation in private life, as well as in the professional environment, processes are digitally supported or newly created. The LUTZ & GRUB ACADEMY helps people and companies to identify and build the necessary competencies in the digital environment - with fun and success from IT technology to processes and methodology!

With fun and competence to success!

Learning consists of self-motivated knowledge acquisition, solving challenges and interactive exchange in groups. Each learner follows his or her individual learning path from the starting point, previous learning experience and thus required time with preferred channels to achieve the relevant competence. New Learning combines the elements of training, coaching, experience building with the digital tools (platforms) and the personal, as well as digital content - exactly the learning path that learners individually need to quickly achieve necessary competencies.

Select and Start.

Learners - With fun and competence to success!

Learners - With fun and competence to success!

Are you a person who wants to make a successful career with digital skills? Whether you are employed or looking for a job, at LUTZ & GRUB ACADEMY you will find the right support in individual learning paths. With us, you can achieve your goals with a professional or certificate qualification and build up the knowledge relevant to you from technology, process changes, applications or methodology. Take your future in your hands and become successful - with your own strengths and interests.
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Corporate customers- change WITH everyone!

Corporate customers- change WITH everyone!

Is your company before, during or after a digital transformation and do your employees need the appropriate competencies for the process? We develop the right learning paths with you and offer standardized or highly individualized concepts ranging from "plug'n'play" concepts to white label academies. From basics on the use of digital systems and hardware to individual applications, processes or methods, together we create the competence of your employees.
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Methodological competence- Everyone is individual!

Methodological competence- Everyone is individual!

Learning is not a matter of course and only leads to success if it is individually tailored to the person learning. The initial situation, the readiness and the different forms of learning are different for each person. Our methodological competence has grown from over 25 years as an education provider. It combines modern learning concepts with digital tools and experienced coaches for efficient and successful competence development of learners and employees.
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A few steps to success

5 steps to professional success!

Step 1:

Recognize interest.

Developing perspectives: Where do you stand? How and what would you like to work in the future? What digital skills do you have and what potential can we leverage?
Step 2:

Can I do it?

You are not sure whether you meet the requirements for a retraining? Then test yourself!
Step 3:

Finding the right path.

We advise them in an individual discussion and identify the right learning path with them.
Step 4:

Cost absorption

We are AZAV-certified. For job seekers and employees, this means that costs can be covered by the employment agency, job center, BFD Berufsföderungsdienst der deutschen Bundeswehr, employers' liability insurance association or pension insurance. We will be happy to advise you on this.
Step 5:

Take off professionally!

Work with fun! Take on responsibility and activities according to their competencies!

3 steps to success for enterprise customers

Step 1:

Contact us

Our experts are the point of contact for your decision-makers (HR development, HR, CIO, CDO, department heads, works council) to agree on the right approach and coordinate it in terms of time.
Step 2:

Analyze requirements

Together we agree on your initial situation (competencies, team structure, obstacles, previous measures, etc.), your objectives (schedule, scope, target competencies) and your structure in order to develop a concept for achieving your and your employees' goals.
Step 3:

Launching into the future!

Competent employees work motivated, efficient and goal-oriented! For the development and success of your company!


We are trusted by a large number of medium-sized and large companies. We work with all our customers on a very cooperative basis - On both sides a long-term cooperation at eye level!

We are trusted by companies such as: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Mercedes Benz Group, Bundeswehr, Daimler Truck AG, INEOS, EDEKA, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, and many more!

Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a suitable reference!

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