Process/Project Manager for Digital Transformation

Certified Projekt Management Associate (IPMA® Level D)

Start dates: 21.06.2023 | 21.09.2023 | 21.11.2023

Welcome to the professional development program in process and project management for digital transformation. As an academic or executive, you understand the importance of continuous learning to stay competitive. However, traditional approaches are no longer sufficient in the fast-paced digital world. Our program will provide you with the necessary digital mindset, skillset, and toolset to take a leadership role in digital transformation.

Our program

Our program focuses on providing you with the tools, knowledge, and competencies that are essential for a successful digital transformation. Our experienced trainers and engaging learning environment will guide you through the latest techniques and strategies you need to ensure success in the digital world. Practical learning methods and real-world projects will help you apply what you've learned directly in companies and benefit from the results.

Digital Collaboration

We put digital collaboration at the forefront and promote group collaboration to enhance productivity and efficiency. Equipped with a comprehensive toolset and our focus on competency development, you will be able to create innovative projects and processes that meet the demands of the modern business world. Throughout the training, we provide active coaching to enhance your professional prospects.

We aim for participants to successfully embark on their new professional future. Therefore, our professional coaches are dedicated to supporting you on your path to success.

Your Certifications

The certificate you will receive as part of the training confirms your skills and knowledge. The GPM Level-D, ITIL, and MS-900 certifications provide you with an opportunity to differentiate yourself in the job market and open up new career opportunities.

IPMA® Level D - Certified Projekt  Management Associate

IPMA® Level D - Certified ProjektManagement Associate

You lead projects through various paths to success and create sustainable solutions with added value. (Leadership skills/ Stakeholder and risk analysis/ Quality management/ Agile methods and Scrum/ Design Thinking/ Business case/ Communication and team culture)
Microsoft Fundamentals MS-900

Microsoft Fundamentals MS-900

You initiate digital transformation processes and shape modern ways of working. (Work 4.0/ Digital mindset/ Hybrid workspaces/ Collaboration management/ Cloud structures and file management/ SharePoint/ Microsoft 365 administration)


You control business processes, act as the interface to IT, and design and facilitate changes and change processes. (BPMN 2.0/ IT compliance/ IT-supported process standards/ Process documentation with Microsoft Visio) 

Competence development

Furthermore, through our focus on competency development, we aim to ensure that you not only learn the latest tools and techniques but also acquire the skills you need to succeed in the digital world. We place particular emphasis on developing your communication and collaboration skills to ensure that you can work effectively in a team and manage complex projects.

Adaptive learning

Our program places great emphasis on adaptive learning to ensure that you get the most out of your training. We tailor our teaching methods and content to your individual needs and learning styles, allowing you to learn effectively and efficiently. By integrating adaptive learning into our programs, you can deepen your knowledge in a personalized way, thereby promoting targeted competence development.

This is Adaptive Growing ®.

Start date:

21.06.2023 | 21.09.2023 | 21.11.2023

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