Individual Coaching

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What is individual coaching?

If your job search is not going as smoothly as you would like, coaching can help you. Coaching is a combination of process-oriented counseling, goal-oriented guidance, and practical training. We talk to you about your life and career planning, your goals, your social and personal resources, and your perceptual and behavioral tendencies. This way, you can optimize your individual strategy.

We are here to help you!

We accompany you individually into your future!

Our individual coaching offering provides you with the opportunity to prepare optimally for your future application process. Here, you have the option to expand your competencies in the application and selection process according to your personal needs in two modules, together with our coaches.

Both modules consist of 10 teaching units, and you can decide whether you want to attend both modules, focus on goal setting and profile presentation in module 1, or strengthen your presence in job interviews in module 2.

Module 1

Goal setting, goal options, and profile presentation.

In the first section, you will focus on goal clarification. Together with your coach, you will analyze your life and career plans. By considering your social and personal resources, you will be able to identify your personal goals.

Old goals will be questioned, and new paths will be revealed. Step by step, you will pave the way towards your new career.

With this knowledge and the guidance of our coaches, you will not only improve your self and time management but also build a personal network.

Afterwards, you will optimize your application documents, with a focus on individual presentation, your digital self-presentation, and maintaining your online profile.

Nothing will stand in your way as you embark on your targeted job search!

Module 2

Job interview and special application and hiring processes.

In the first part, your coach will prepare you for job interviews. Topics such as interview preparation techniques, communication skills, and telephone training will be covered. Your coach will also discuss stress questions and stumbling blocks with you and teach you how to market yourself effectively in interviews. To put your acquired knowledge to the test, mock interviews will be conducted. With the increasing use of technology in companies, you will also be confronted with algorithms, chatbots, and other tools that you will need to convince of your qualifications.

In the second part, your coach will discuss special application and selection procedures with you. This will include the basics, procedures, exercises, and assessments in the (E) assessment center.

To ensure that you are ready for the application process, your coach will help you overcome your individual challenges in the application process and assist you in creating a competency profile.

Systemic Coaching - Sustainable and Comprehensive

Our coaches are trained educators or psychologists with a university degree and additional specialized training in various coaching methods. With their years of professional experience and interactions with different target groups, our coaches are well acquainted with the dynamics of the modern job market. Strategic planning and thinking come naturally to them, and confidentiality is their top priority.

In systemic coaching, the focus goes beyond the individual and encompasses their entire network, relationships, and interdependencies. Together with your coach, you will reflect on these resources and uncover new possibilities based on their potential.

Start date:

They are arranged personally and individually with your coach.

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