Adaptive Growing® - Everyone is individual!

Welcome to Adaptive Growing® – the revolutionary learning concept that reignites your natural desire to learn. Our approach combines current job market trends with proven educational and psychological models, along with our expertise as trainers and learners. We focus not only on knowledge transfer but also on real-life application. Adaptive Growing® flexibly adapts to your individual needs, emphasizing the joy of experimentation and learning from mistakes. Our dynamic formats bypass rigid presentation structures, creating a motivating learning environment. The goal is to establish a direct connection between learning content and your personal life to promote motivation and sustainable learning success.


Learning means changing. Changes become sustainable when they are experienced, when the learner learns to learn and achieves an attitude (mindset) that supports competence building. Coaching assists in finding the right path, "how do I learn better", overcoming fears, or experts in expressing individual strength. Coachings take place, guided by psychologists, educators, experts and experienced "silverbacks", in the specific area. Group coaching by individual learning groups help to work on common or individual challenges. The mix under constant review by learning experts ensures efficient achievement of competencies.


We rely on a platform in a familiar environment (Microsoft) that provides learners with personal learning paths with different media (movies, trainings, coachings, documents, etc.) at any time, via any device (cell phone, computer, laptop, tablet). Interactions between learners through peer group learning, individual 1:1 coaching or open question sessions with experts, trainers and coaches are encouraged and challenged. This ensures successful acquisition of competencies. The platform is available to learners with learning content on a long-term basis. This means that content can be repeated, deepened or supplemented at any time. 


We are trusted by a large number of medium-sized and large companies. We work with all our customers on a very cooperative basis - On both sides a long-term cooperation at eye level!

We are trusted by companies such as: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Mercedes Benz Group, Bundeswehr, Daimler Truck AG, INEOS, EDEKA, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, and many more!

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