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Define what your future looks like! Do you want a digital future with career opportunities? Talk to us about your prospects! We help them find the path and follow it consistently. Whether they want to learn the basics of device usage or become a specialist in cybersecurity, we find the right learning path based on their starting point.

Use competencies!

Digital developments move fast - from forms to applications, from screwdrivers to iPads, from developers to data scientists, from administrators to cybersecurity experts. The necessary competencies vary in terms of area, depth, and sophistication - the ways to achieve goals are also multidimensional and highly individual. Learning cannot be done by reading, listening or watching alone; the mix of knowledge absorption, application, experience and exchange is the key to a successful career.


Are you interested in and have an affinity for digital topics? Do you want to make digitization and IT your profession? Go your individual way from IT basics to specialized know-how! Make digitization your job!

Continuing education

Do you have a professional foundation and want to survive in the digital transformation? Develop yourself? Make digitalization IT your profession? Go your individual way from IT basics to specialized know-how! Make digitization your job!

5 steps to professional success!

Step 1:

Recognize interest.

Developing perspectives: Where do you stand? How and what would you like to work in the future? What digital skills do you have and what potential can we leverage?
Step 2:

Can I do it?

You are not sure whether you meet the requirements for a retraining? Then test yourself!
Step 3:

Finding the right path.

We advise them in an individual discussion and identify the right learning path with them.
Step 4:

Cost absorption

We are AZAV-certified. For job seekers and employees, this means that costs can be covered by the employment agency, job center, BFD Berufsföderungsdienst der deutschen Bundeswehr, employers' liability insurance association or pension insurance. We will be happy to advise you on this.
Step 5:

Take off professionally!

Work with fun! Take on responsibility and activities according to their competencies!


We are trusted by a large number of medium-sized and large companies. We work with all our customers on a very cooperative basis - On both sides a long-term cooperation at eye level!

We are trusted by companies such as: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Mercedes Benz Group, Bundeswehr, Daimler Truck AG, INEOS, EDEKA, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, and many more!

Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a suitable reference!

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