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Are you considering a career change and thinking about starting a retraining program in the field of IT or e-commerce? What are you waiting for?

Let our competence check convince you and embark on a successful future!

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Our Competency Check, Your Advantage!

Our Competency Check offers you the opportunity to assess your current knowledge and your professional and methodological competencies in a non-binding and obligation-free manner. You will receive a valuable assessment of your individual strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus on improving your competencies.

The Competency Check has no impact on your retraining at LUTZ & GRUB ACADEMY. It simply provides you with the opportunity to identify your existing competencies and areas where you can further develop.

How does the competence check work?

After a brief initial contact from your side, preferably with your resume and the details of your potential sponsor, you will promptly receive an email with the corresponding link to the Competency Check.

Please note that the test takes a total of 90 minutes and cannot be interrupted during that time. Therefore, we recommend choosing a quiet and uninterrupted environment where you can fully concentrate on the tasks.

Our Competency Check can be completed using common PC browsers. Unfortunately, it is not possible to complete the check on tablets and smartphones due to limited comfort and reduced display size.

Which topics are queried and why?

The questions and tasks in our Competency Check have been specifically designed for our retraining programs and further education courses, and they assess both your methodological and technical competencies. In addition to assessing your logical reasoning and visual perception, your knowledge in mathematics, language, and your existing knowledge in the field of computer science will also be evaluated.

These topics are queried because they are essential for many professions in the IT field. Logical reasoning and visual perception are necessary for analyzing complex information and finding solutions to technical problems. Mathematical skills are indispensable for the development and application of algorithms and data analysis, while language skills are important for communication and collaboration within a team. By assessing the fundamentals of computer science, we can not only determine the knowledge level of potential participants but also build upon existing skills and prepare you in the best possible way for a successful career in this field.

What comes next?

Once you have completed our Competency Check, your results will be forwarded to our experts and carefully evaluated.

After scheduling a consultation, you will receive your results and have the opportunity to discuss your competencies and career opportunities. During this session, you will also receive valuable information about our retraining programs and, at the end, a recommendation letter for potential funding from your sponsoring organization.

Let's together lay the foundation for your successful future!

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